Write a Sick Leave Application for School and Office

If you are searching for a Sick leave application then you should follow this article to the end. Here we share some sick leave application for school, college, and office. Write a sick leave application is so easy now. School and college students and their parents can write a letter on sick leave. If you are an office employer then you also write a leave letter to the manager or supervisor that you can not come to the office.

Many times we need to take a leave from school, college and office for may reasons like illness, party, etc. But if we need to leave then we must write a leave application mentioning the reason. It is most essential to submit a leave application to the school and office. If you feel unhealthy or get a plan to go out for holidays with your friends and family then you must submit a leave application.

Write a Sick Leave Application

Hence, we show here the format and sample of leave application for school, college, and office. We hope it goes to be very easy for you to write any type of leave application.

Write a Leave Application

There are so many reasons to get a leave like a health-related problem, visiting with friends and family, attending the marriage ceremony, etc. But we show here how to write a sick leave application. If you follow it with passion then you can make any type of leave applications easily. So go to the format and know how to write a sick leave letter.

How to write a sick leave application

Before writing a letter you should know the points that must include in the letter. So there is the same rule for sick leave application also.

  • Addressing the concerned person
  • Subject
  • Starting with the reason for leaving
  • Leave date
  • Closing
  • Contact information
  • Name and signature

Write a Sick Leave application to the Headmaster/ principal by students

The Headmaster/principal
(school/college name)

Subject: Sick leave application for 2 days

Dear sir/madam,
With due respect, I beg to state that I am ( your name) a student of your school/college ( mention your class/department name). I am not in good condition to come to school and suffering from fever with cough. I show our family doctor and he said to take proper rest for two days. So, please give me two days’ leave then I shall come to school regularly and perform better.

So, kindly grant me leave from (mention date here). If you grant my leave then I shall be very grateful to you.

Yours Obediently,
( your name)
( class/department
and all details)


Write a letter to the Principal for School / College fee exemption

Leave application to the Headmaster/Principal by Parents

The Headmaster/principal
(school/college name)

Subject: Sick leave application

Dear sir/madam,

Most respectfully, I want to notify you that my son/daughter ( name of the student) is a student of ( class/ department) of your school/college. He/She can’t go to school/college due to some health issues. He/She is in the hospital now and the doctor takes to monitoring for three days. So I am very sorry to say you that my son/daughter can’t go to school/college for a few days.

Therefore, I beg to you please understand the situation and grant my child’s leave for 5 days (mention the date here). If you want a reference then I shall show you the medical documents. I ensure you he/she will attend the school/college After getting well.

Thanking You,

Yours sincerely,
(name of the parent)


Write a letter to the Principle/Head Master to exempt the Fee due to COVID-19

Leave application to the Manager/Supervisor by an Employee

The Manager/Supervisor
(company name)

subject: sick leave application for two days

Dear Mr/Mrs ( name of the recipient)

I am writing this letter to notify you that I am suffering from a fever last one day. So I want a sick leave for two days. It was going to more dangerous since last night, therefore I can’t join the office today and also can’t go tomorrow. My family doctor already checked and advised me to rest for two days. The report also attached for your reference.

Therefore, I beg you to grant me my leave for two days from (mention date here). If there is some emergency then I will be available on the phone. I hope you will understand my situation and grant me leave for those days.

Thanking you,

Yours sincerely,

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