Write a letter to the Editor of a Newspaper with example

A letter to the editor mainly written to the editor of a newspaper. You can highlight the social problem or issues through this letter. If you are studying in class 10 to 12 then it is so important to you for the English syllabus. It is mainly a formal letter that must follow the format strictly. After the first page of a newspaper, most of the people follow the editorial page. So it is one of the best places to express the viewpoint of your society. So follow the guidelines carefully.

letter to the editor

How to write a letter to the Editor step by step

If you don’t know how to create a letter to the editor then don’t worry here we discuss the letter format step by step. Firstly you have to grab the reader’s attention quickly. Focus on your first sentence that can tell the readers about your main topic then the readers want to read more. Let’s follow the steps here.
1. The sender’s address
2. Date
3. Editor’s Address
4. Subject of the letter
5. Salutation
6. Body

Sender’s introduction
Detail of topic
7. Sender’s name and signature

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Example 1: Write a letter to the editor of a newspaper, a modest and convincing note of protest against the unfailingly regular rise to the price level of essential commodities

township, Tamluk
Purba Medinipur
West Bengal
Dated: 22 September 2020

The Editor
The Stateman

Subject: Rise in the price level of essential commodities

Dear Editor,
I am Asim Bhunia, a member of the local social worker group. I shall be highly grateful if you are kind enough to allow me a little space in the columns of your famous daily to lodge a protest against the regular rise in prices of essential commodities.

The prices of essential articles are going up by leaps and bounds. This is causing a great deal of trouble for the common people of our country. The worst affected people are those who live below the poverty line. I think the main reason for this price rise is the artificial scarcity of goods, made by dishonest businessmen. So the government must take all possible steps against hoarders and black marketers to bring down the prices of the market.

I request you to highlight the matter through your newspaper. We all need to together to set up and free our country from those marketers.

Thank You
Yours Sincerely
Asim Bhunia

Example 2: Write a letter to the Editor about the bad condition of the road

New Town, Tamluk
Purba Medinipur
Dated: 17 January 2019

The Editor
The Stateman

Subject: Bad condition of the road

Dear Editor,
I am Madhusudan Nayek, a member of a local social club. Through the columns of your esteemed daily, I venture to voice my views about the very bad condition of the road.

The condition of the by-pass road near Tamluk is so deplorable with so many pits and potholes on it. The road is connected with National Highway and it is the main road of the inhabitance of our locality. The potholes have become the doom of death. The stones are teething out in patches and the accidents have become daily occurrences on this road. No repairs were done after the rains of the last year. Besides these, there are road materials and shop on both sides of the road leaving very little space in the middle. So the passers-by have to face a great problem in this situation. The police also remain silent for their personal interest.

Therefore I pray you to draw the kind attention of the Government for taking necessary steps to repair the road as soon as possible.

Thank You
Yours Faithfully
Madhusudan Nayek

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