write a letter to the chairman of your municipality complaining about the insanitary condition

Today we will see how to write a letter to the chairman of your municipality complaining about the insanitary condition, lack of cleanliness and the problems of flies and mosquitoes in your locality. It is very important to clean our locality.you may be heard “god stay in clean place”, but nowadays many places are so dirty that it takes many lives. As a responsible citizen your duty to keep your place clean. So if you are having unhygienic problems in your neighborhood, take this letter as a reference and write according to your condition.

Tamluk,Purba Medinipur
March 14,2018

The Chairman,
Tamluk Municipal Corporation.
Tamluk,Purba Medinipur


Sub: insanitary condition of our town

On behalf of the people of Tamluk, I am writting this letter to draw your attention to the lack of cleanliness in our town. Every person dreams of a healthy green and clean town to breath.But the people of Tamluk are inhabiting in a poisonous atmosphere.Our municipality has now become shabby with dump of garbage and ideal breeding ground of flies and mosquitoes.Very often, cases of Jaundlce, malaria and enteritis are reported.The pavements beside all the diagonal roads are heaped with garbage emitting foul smell and causing inconvenience to the pedestrians. The road side drains are so packed with wastes that these cannot carry water during the rainy season. The condition of the market places is worse. Waste-disposal system does not function properly. In such a situation epidemics may break out at any time,if extreme steps are not taken to improve the sanitary condition of our locality.
I, therefore, request you to take proper steps for regular removal of garbage and to take a
comprehensive action plan to restore the cleanliness of our municipality.

Yours faithfully,
Subhadeep Maiti

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