Write a letter to the head of the institution requesting him/her to provide computer-aided Learning(cal) in your school.

Write a letter to the head of the institution requesting him/her to provide computer-aided Learning(cal) in your school.

Hello, friends today we will see how to write a letter to any educational institution requesting to provide Computer-Aided Learning. It can be at your school, college or any kind of institution,
you can also write this latter to the head of the institution requesting different facilities. Coming to this latter, Computer-Aided Learning is very important for the revolution of education. Computers are a vital part of the modern world, even for the basic jobs you need to have knowledge of computers. Actually, projector base learning can bring a premier level of understanding on students mind.you can make textbook content more exciting. Teacher and student bonding will be very strong in this type of learning.student will be more excited in their lesson. computer aided learning will give students more clarity. In this digital era, it’s very important to have projector base classes. Giving students computer aid learning helps them to prepare for any possible careers. So do write this letter to your institution head, obviously, don’t just copy it, do changes according to your situation. You can use this as a good reference even the subject of your letter is different.

The Headmaster,
Kurpai High School,
Kurpai, Tamluk, Purba Medinipur


Sub: Request for introducing Computer-Aided Learning

I, am Subhadeep Maity, an ex-student of your school, would like to draw your kind attention to the fact that the teaching techniques based in chalk and talk are being replaced by Computer-Aided Learning (CAL). This new technology has brought about a radical change in classroom practices all over the world. This new practice of gradual teaching-learning through computers with learning through computers with learning packages or materials is very helpful in achieving educational objectives. The visual, animated learning materials not only help to memorize the tough topics at ease but also act as virtual laboratory experiments. Some so-called hard subjects, such as Mathematics, English, Science etc. become easy and joyful. This audiovisual technique helps and motivates Children with Special Needs (CWSN). CAL is sure to serve as a better teaching-learning material. It will reduce drop out, repetition rate and will enhance the achievements of the learners. An analysis of DISE data shows both the quantitative and qualitative improvement of the educational scenario after the introduction of CAL in several schools. Enrolment, average daily attendance, and achievement of the learners will improve implementation of CAL. A computer, a projector with a screen and a teacher trained in modern educational technology can do miracles. In a smart classroom, students visualize their lessons, listen to the recorded voice of the teacher and derive real joy of learning. Colorful and systematic presentation of properly planned lessons are very helpful in motivating learners and developing their knowledge, understanding, and skill.
Hope you will do the needful in the interest of students by promoting CAL(Computer-Aided Learning) in our school.

Yours obediently,
Subhadeep Maity
April 8, 2014

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