Timepicker Android Kotlin Example in Android Studio

Hello android developer in this article we will learn how to use time picker using kotlin language in android studio. in android TimePicker widget is use to sleeting the time of day, in either AM/PM mode or 24-hour format. This example help us how to use Time Picker Dialog in Android using Kotlin.

Basically in android, Time picker is available in two mode modes one is spinner mode and another one is clock mode. if you want to select time manually then follow the below code.

timepicker android kotlin example

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Android Time Picker Dialog using Kotlin – Android Studio

first create a new android Project by following the below step. if you already create new android project then ignore the below steps.

  1. First open Android Studio.
  2. Now go to File => New Project.
  3. After that write your android project name and select kotlin language from dropdown menu and click next button.
  4. Now select minimum sdk and click next button.
  5. Then select empty activity and click finish button.

Now open activity_main.xml layout file inside res/layout and replace the code given below:


in activity_main.xml, we have define two widget one is timePicker and another one is textView. using MainActivity.kt file we access these widget to perform some operations on it.

Now open MainActivity.kt file and below code into it.


Now run the timepicker application in android emulator or on your android device.you will get output as shown below.

timepicker android kotlin example

download source code from github

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