Radio Button Example in kotlin

Hello android developer, today I will learn how to use radio example button using kotlin with a basic example. RadioButton is a widget that can allow the android user to select any one option at a time. Android Radio button as two state checked or unchecked. Radio button mainly used to select a single option from a list.

RadioButton Example in Kotlin

this article will help you how to create a RadioButton in kotlin language using Android Studio. By default Radiobutton in Unchecked (OFF) state. if user clicks a Radio button it comes in checked state.

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Example of Android Radio Button using Kotlin language

Follow the below step to create new android project. if you already create android project the ignore the steps.

1.Open Android Studio.

2.Now click on File, then New => New Project. Now Write Project name and select kotlin from dropdown menu and click next.

3.Now Select minimum SDK, Then click Next button.

4.Selct Empty activity and then click finish button.

if you follow this step properly then you will get a newly create project successfully.


Below is the code for activity_main.xml. Add the following code to res/layout/activity_main.xml.


below kotlin code for MainActivity.kt.

Congratulations! You have completed your basic Radio Button app using kotlin language. Now Run the app using the emulator. you will get output as shown below.

RadioButton Example in Kotlin
RadioButton Example in Kotlin

download source code from github

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