write a letter to the head of the institution requsting him to set up a canteen within campus

write a letter to the head of the institution requsting him to set up a canteen within campus.In many of our’s school and colleges, still, we don’t have a canteen, which is a real issue that students have to face. So to counter this issue you have to write a letter to your institution’s head requesting him or her to set up a canteen within the campus. This letter is pretty long, you can make it short or you can elaborate on all your problems. This letter will definitely help you in the process.

The Headmaster,Bidhan Smriti High School (H.S.),
Durgapur, Burdwan

Sub: Request for installing a canteen in the School premises


On behalf of students of this school, l beg to bring your kind notice to a long—felt need.

our’s is the oldest school in the locality.it attracts students from adjacent areas. many of the students have to leave their residence early in the morning to attend their private tutors.naturally, when they come to school they feel hungry. the midday meal programme allows students up to class Vlll. The students of higher classes (lX-Xll) find no food stall or hotel to satisty their hunger. This problem can be solved only by setting up a canteen within the school campus.

As most of the students come from families with low or moderate income, it is not possible for them to spend much on food for tiffin or lunch. If the school authority arranges a cheap canteen catering veg meals and egg curry, hand—made roti, bread, ghoogni, aloor dam, snacks, tea etc. at a moderate price. the students will be benefitted.
On behalf of the students of our school, I, therefore, appeal to you to be so kind as to set up a cheap canteen in the school campus as early as possible in the greater interest of the students.

Durgapur ‘

May 15, 2014 ‘

Yours obediently.


   Students’ Welfare Subcommittee

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